Below is an example of some of the pet portraits I have painted over the years. If you would like me to paint a custom portrait of your beloved dog or cat please contact me with your ideas.

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Pastel Portrait Samples

Java - Husky/Chow Mix

16x20 Pastel on Suede

Rocky - Rottweiler

11x14 Pastel on Suede

KC - Chocolate Lab

Pastel on Suede
This example of a 11x14 cameo portrait painted on light grey velour is of our late chocolate lab "K-C".

Zeke - Yellow Lab

16x20 Pastel on Suede

Roscoe & Gilmore - Bengal cats

16x20 Pastel on Suede


11x14 Pastel on Suede

Soft Pastels on Velour/Suede Portrait Pricelist

Charcoal & Pencil Portrait Samples


Charcoal portrait drawn on white Canson 14x18 art paper

Arabian Portrait

Charcoal drawn on light grey Canson art paper utilizing white charcoal for highlighting.

Helping Dad

11x14 charcoal

Charcoal Portrait Pricelist

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