Below is an example of some of the children's portraits I have completed. For more information on how to commission your own special charcoal or pastel portrait of your child, contact me with your ideas.

Portraiture Price List & FAQ

Pastel Portrait Samples

Abigail & Hyde

16x20 Pastel on Suede
Photograph courtesy of: Tammie Grieshaber, Mainely Portrait Photography

Alivia & Duecy

11x14 Pastel on Suede

Matthew & Rusty

20"x26" Pastel on Suede


Aura's Friend

11x14 Pastel on suede


Soft Pastels on Velour/Suede Portrait Pricelist

  • 11x14 - $500.00 children's cameo only
  • 11x14 - $875.00 3/4 portraits w/pet (head & shoulders)
  • 16x20 - $1500.00 full body or 3/4 portraits w/pet
  • 18x24 - $2000.00 full body w/pet
  • 18x24 - $3000.00 full body w/horse

Charcoal & Pencil Portrait Samples

Mother and Tennyson

12 x 18
Charcoal portrait drawn on watercolor paper

Mother and Samantha

11 x 14
Charcoal portrait drawn on grey Fabriano Tiziano art paper

Mother and Scarlett

16 x 20
Charcoal portrait drawn on watercolor paper

Chase & his dog Jaxson

Charcoal portrait drawn on Canson art paper

Up Next

Black and white charcoal drawn on grey flannel Canson art paper

Aura & Mystery

White & black charcoal on Grey Fabriano Tiziano art paper

Charcoal Portrait Pricelist

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